January 8, 2007

A Celtic love spoon for No Child Left Behind?

I know that the traditional fifth anniversary gift is wood, but do you really think a Celtic love spoon is right for NCLB, and what would be a better gift? (Update: One colleague's suggestion: a baseball bat.)

With the fifth anniversary of the law's signing in 2002 (but it's called the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001... hmmn...), there are plenty of news stories from major and minor publications, and here's a smattering this morning:

Interestingly, the New York Times doesn't have anything this morning on the anniversary, though it does have a story about schools' measuring student BMIs (body mass index), nor does the Washington Post, which had a story on Education Sector's new report on union contracts (the Post coverage by Jay Mathews implied there was going to be a lot of slamming in public over this one). Part of the difference in coverage between the "hinterland" and some of the national papers of record (but is the record James Brown, Tony Bennett, or Aretha Franklin?) is that the major stories today are about the Iraq war and other foreign-policy matters. So NCLB gets swallowed by the majors, while it's an obvious coverage requirement for many regionals and locals.

Then there's today's insider confession of Michael Petrilli. It's nothing he hasn't said before (at least recently), but it hangs out there and will be interesting to see who pays attention.

Yes, I'm going to get around (someday) to commenting on the Ed Sector report as well as the Figlio and Kenny piece on pay incentives. But it's the first day of the semester and even though I don't teach until tomorrow, that first class is at 8am and I have to be ready...

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