January 8, 2007

Bewildering misinterpretation of union position on merit pay/incentive pay

I'm confused: Kevin Carey identifies an off-the-wall statement of the Nashville teachers union leader in an article on an incentive-pay experiment in the district and interprets it as outright opposition to incentive pay: to get a sense of just how much some local teachers union officials hate the idea of merit pay... But the article makes clear that the same leader approved the experiment at issue now (and noted the Denver teachers union approval of ProComp), and the quotation may have reflected a history of problematic pay-out promises in the district (assuming that the reporter quoted the union activist accurately and in context).

Joanne Jacobs correctly noted the union support of the program at issue.

Larger point here: unions are not unalterably opposed to differential pay, as long as it's constructed collaboratively.

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