January 24, 2007

Does honey attract more gadflies than vinegar does?

Having a better MP3 player these days, I've been dipping into the ed-policy podcasts available, such as John Merrow's and The Gadfly.

When those on the Gadfly podcast (notably Mike Petrilli and Rick Hess) say outright that others have described the banter as fraternity-like, ... well, they said it. But what I've noticed beyond the segmented format they use (intro-'debate'-interview-'weird ed news'-end) is that the telephone interviews definitely have low audio quality. So I'm going to experiment a little bit with their production values by trying The Levelator (which tells you everything you need to know about the program, or at least everything you'll know). I've made an original-and-corrected set of clips from the Hug It Out episode of the podcast series.

The first clip is from the studio recording of Mike Petrilli, original from the MP3 and after processing. The second clip is from Mike Petrilli's end of the interview (I assume recorded with either a phone jack output or one of the Tandy phone microphones), original form and after processing. The third clip (or third and fourth clips)? Alexander Russo on the other end of the line, original and processed. I'm at a disadvantage having turned the mp3 into wav files to get into the program, but I think the difference in the last chunk is notable. (Altogether, the file is a little over a minute long and less than 1 MB.) I suspect that working with an original .wav file would end up sounding less "crunchy," and then adding a tiny bit of reverb would warm up the voice and eliminate much of the electronic distortion.

Is there another education policy podcast that might be starting up? Hmmn... Strange that you ask. I have no time to do it right now. None at all. It would be absolutely ridiculous. Hmmn....

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