February 16, 2007

Hot cocoa

We're expecting an Arctic mass coming through the Gulf and to Florida overnight, so it might be freezing overnight, but right now it's a Florida-freezing but everywhere-else-toasty 50 F. In sympathy with everyone who's reading this from snow country, and because I have a head cold while trying to ignore my e-mail and finish a manuscript today, it's time to fill our covered mug with the type of cocoa that can be justified as Good for You:

  • 2 heaping T. cocoa
  • 3 T. milk powder (mine is nonfat)
  • sweeteners to taste (none for me this morning)
  • a healthy sprinkling of chipotle chili powder

Yes, it should be chipotle, if you want a liquid version of Moonstruck Chocolate's ocumarian truffle.  Trust me on this.  The key to making cocoa with dried milk powder is to add just enough hot water at first to make a smooth paste.  Get all the lumps out in the paste stage. Then add enough water to fill the regular-sized mug.

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