February 27, 2007

Welcome Meier and Ravitch to the blogosphere

Deborah Meier and Diane Ravitch have finally started their blog Bridging Differences. It should be an interesting and readable conversation.

Update: One commenter writes, "I thought Michael [B.] Katz hated Ravitch--well, he trashed her scholarly work, anyway. Isn't she out of favor now?"

Yes, I'm a former Michael Katz student (Michael Katz, the historian of education at Penn, not Michael Katz the philosopher of education at San Jose State). (More on this and why I'm a history-education half-breed at another time.) And since this has come up, I'll talk about my views of Ravitch's most recent history of ed book in an entry later tonight. But I don't have to agree with someone's scholarship to welcome them to a conversation, especially if it's in the form of a dialog with Deborah Meier. One fact is obvious: Regardless of various professional views of her scholarship, Ravitch is a recognized voice on education policy. There are plenty of people I correspond with who have fewer claims to expertise, so I can either have a snit-fit about that or deal, and at this point, having a snit-fit is darned close to sexism and uber-testosterone in education policy studies.

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