March 2, 2007

50 and counting

It's been a longish week. Starting Sunday, I've worked 50 hours, not including union-related time (and given that there was a campus crisis, that absorbed a few hours, too). At least 12 hours of that has been catchup on the backroom operations of Education Policy Analysis Archives (and I'm still not caught up, by any means).

Note to anyone who think I'm asking for pity or plaudits: Except for the campus crisis that I'm not counting here, most of this has been enjoyable. And by no means am I the hardest-working member of my department, let alone my college or university. I just occasionally log hours in a week to see if my sense of time is consistent with reality. And my sense of this week is that it's been a long week, if not the week when I've spent the most time working.

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