March 10, 2007

Electronic Oregon testing system "crashes and burns"

In Oregon, the online system of testing students broke down this week. The Associated Press's Aaron Clark reports that the problems may be part of hardball negotiating tactics of Vantage Learning while it tries to wrest what it can from the state on the contract that's ending this year. One Oregon teacher described the situation as "crashing and burning all over the state."

If there is documentation that the problems are deliberate decisions of Vantage Learning, I suspect you'll see the company have a very hard time getting contracts. In fact, even if they aren't, the company's in serious trouble in terms of documenting capacity.

This story underlines the reality of testing for the last 40 years or more: State departments of education don't create tests.  They manage contracts with outside companies.

Update: The Oregon Department of Education has set a deadline of March 13 for making a decision about how to proceed.

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