March 13, 2007

One of those days when the walrus stomps on your toe while reading sonnets...

In several ways, the day has been quite good, from discovering that the way a friend and I had thought of poking around the back of Richard Ingersoll's work is quite interesting in the results to completing several critical errands.

Then there are the other things, from driving 50 miles in city traffic starting at noon to not getting ahold of the person from whom I ordered my son's oboe reeds about 2 weeks ago (and they're still not here) to not finishing another task I had intended to or getting a step along the way of a weeklong task to ... well... let's put it this way:

I just got a jury summons for the day I had planned to be in Chicago for the annual meeting of AERA.

I could ask my department to declare me essential to get me out of jury duty, but I'm not teaching that day, and AERA rejected the session proposal I had submitted last summer. I don't want to waste my "get out of jury duty" karma on this. And I wouldn't find out whether I was excused until too late to change plans. So sheesh. I knew I had a travel curse this semester (having to give up two potential leisure trips already and another quasi-business trip rescheduled), but this is getting ridiculous.

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