March 18, 2007

Oregon, paper-and-pencil testing, and legal action

The Oregon Department of Education March 14 statement makes clear that the rumors of the disruption of online testing as a negotiating tactic by Vantage Learning have some solidity. As Deputy Superintendent Ed Dennis testified on Thursday, after months of conflict over contractual issues, the technical problems mysteriously appeared right after the state department of education essentially said, "No. Finito.  We have another vendor we have a contract with.  That's it." So the department faced a choice of not having testing (losing millions of dollars of federal funding) or scrambling to conduct paper-and-pencil testing. Or caving into the company's ... well, it's not blackmail or greenmail.  Maybe blue-screen-mail?

Oh, yes, and there's now a lawsuit that the state has filed against Vantage.

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