March 18, 2007

Quantum scheduling

If last week was the interrupted-work week, the next few weeks is the quantum-scheduling period of the semester. I still have a jury summons for April, a matter that is always uncertain until the facts are observed (i.e., whether I'm on a jury, or if I ask for a postponement, whether I receive one). And right now, I may or may not be in Tallahassee Wednesday, the same day that a candidate with great credentials is coming to campus for a search I've participated in. (Never mind that any candidate coming to campus for a search I'm participating in will have great credentials. Got that, right?)

Apart from my guilt over not knowing if I'll be able to meet the candidate for various events (including seeing the research presentation), I want to meet candidates.  If the search process works well, it's a great opportunity to meet scholars from other parts of the country or world.

So, apart from my frustrations with the quantum scheduling bit, I hate missing the chance to meet people.  Ah, well. This month is definitely the time to reread a bit of Chuang Tze to laugh at the vagaries of life. (Incidentally, is that spelling still the accepted version of his name these days?)

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