April 2, 2007

Notes from the underground academic

Tidbits from the last few days:

  • I've been so busy with various things that I forgot to note that two days after Accountability Frankenstein appeared on my doorstep, Education Reform in Florida appeared at my office. Two books in three days: not bad.
  • Tomorrow I head to Atlanta and a talk Wednesday at Emory. Gotta finish the PPT slides and transfer to a thumb drive! (Going to go security-blanket-less... I mean, travel without my laptop.)
  • I got jury service postponed, so I'm going to AERA... for one day.  Yikes!  Wednesday at noon I'll be at the Information Age Publishing exhibit (booths 508 & 510). Two one-day trips in two weeks.  Definitely the way to punish my body, but longer would be punishing my family.
  • Some positive stuff in my program area (curriculum-wise) is just over the horizon, a good thing.
  • I picked up business cards for the journal and hope that they can appear before AERA in the mailboxes of the editorial-board members who sent me their addresses. (There were two other business-card orders, too, one for Accountability Frankenstein and the other for the hat I now wear as faculty union chapter president. But it was the EPAA/AAPE card order that was urgent.)
  • My daughter appreciated the unit-circle explanation of sine and cosine tonight (which I always thought made more sense than the opposite-/adjacent-leg definition).
  • My son and daughter each had public music performance opportunities this weekend.
  • Second day of being chapter president, and I drafted a more serious agenda.  And I prepared the last of the materials for the new chapter treasurer. We need to get her on the signature card for the account, something that I've given myself a good incentive for: I have some receipts, but I didn't make the check out myself. So I only get reimbursed when I get the transfer done successfully. Agendas, getting rid of old responsibilities... as long as there are no politics involved, my time in office will be a complete success!  Oh, darn, ...
  • And I even cleaned my office a tiny bit.  My desk is now in organized piles of junk instead of disorganized piles.  (The disorganized piles have migrated elsewhere in the office.)
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