April 5, 2007

Trip to Atlanta, but no pictures

I had a great time yesterday in Atlanta: talked at Emory, visited Morehouse College, spoke with a bunch of exciting graduate students in different disciplines.  I'm going to be paying for it in the next few days in exhaustion, and my throat's already telling me I should expect a head cold soon, but it was very nice.

Unusual surprise of the trip: I stayed at the house of friends who live almost directly in the line that runs between the Clarkston, Georgia, field that the boys' soccer team known as the Fugees (named for the members who are all refugees from other countries) had been kicked off and the elementary school where they now practice (see NYT and NPR stories). The fields are only a few hundred yards apart.  No, I didn't have time to take pictures of the two fields.  Darn!

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