April 29, 2007

Not quite Robespierre

NYC Mayor Bloomberg and Chancellor Klein's foolishness has now reached the point where Diane Ravitch described it simply as a sorry situation in NYC. The description is accurate with four years of revolving reorganizations and mandates. The Coalition To Put the Public Back in Public Education managed to achieve some significant changes in the planned re-re-reorganization of the city's schools. So it's a reorganization of the re-re-reorganization (but relieving).

Reading about all of this long-distance gives me the sense that neither Bloomberg nor Klein have a clue about how schools run or should run and have attempted to belittle opponents as a substitute for leadership. If this is a model for mayoral control for schools, please let me off the bandwagon at the next stop.

(No, I was never on the bandwagon in the first place.)

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