May 22, 2007

Stop the presses: Conservative blasts merit pay!

Fordham Foundation guy-at-the-podcast Liam Julian criticizes merit pay in a Tallahassee Democrat op-ed. Oh, wait: he's criticizing payments to students based on test scores, not teachers.

Julian argues that the distinction between the two is in the difference between the roles: "Teachers are doing a job and students are receiving a service." Two points here: First, both teachers and students are working, or so I'd like to see. My parents forbade me and my siblings from working during the school year, and they told us, "School is your job." If anything, the argument that students should only have long-term rewards for test scores implies that somehow teachers have shorter memories than students. Second, I'm not sure it's easy to stuff that commodification/reward genie back in the bottle, after Pizza Hut awards for reading, breakfasts and luncheons for honor-roll members, National Merit Scholarships based on test scores, etc.

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