June 23, 2007

Travel-time Saturday

Profgrrrrl is off to Thailand for a month. My son and mother are coming back from Arizona, where they spent a week on and around the Colorado River. (My mother just called me from the Houston airport on layover.) I have been grading student work today so I have a little less on my plate when heading to the Society for the History of Childhood and Youth conference next week.

I'm reasonably well-prepared for this conference (though I'll try to condense the results of my paper down to two sides of a single sheet of paper), and I think I'm prepared for the travel, having acquired my power converter, a set of Koss "the plug" headphones, and having figured out one of the Koss mods. I haven't taken an overnight plane flight since I was in my early 20s, and I'm hoping I get at least a little sleep, as I'll be getting into Copenhagen at 9 am local time, or Middle of the Night, Tampa time.

Is anyone else heading somewhere interesting this week?

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