June 30, 2007

Leaving Norrköping

I had some very nice comments about my paper yesterday, so I hit the 'isn't this obvious?' sweet spot I target when presenting research. Or I think I did. Thus far, the questions raised about the intercensal estimating technique I'm using are the ones I've expected, so I'm getting more comfortable with the use and less wondering when I'll be blindsided by things I haven't thought about. (Example: To avoid migration issues, I only use people who have been born in the country, with a few exceptions. What I don't and can't avoid is the assumption that mortality is unrelated to educational attainment, something that's fine for many parts of the world unless you're talking about countries with very high HIV positive rates.)

My train back to Copenhagen leaves in about an hour, and I'll either be digesting the conference or napping. (Some of you may be able to do both, but not me.) And trying to read a book I've assigned for one of my fall classes. Or maybe student work that's on one of my small electronic devices. I'm still not done with jet lag, and I get another dose heading back to the states.

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