July 2, 2007

Photos coming

Unlike profgrrrrl, I don't yet have photos of my trip to the Society for the History of Childhood and Youth meeting online. My bags didn't make the transfer in Atlanta, and my digital camera (and its memory card) were in one of them. And I'm a touch jet-lagged after a 23-hour day, though going west is much easier than going east. (And after talking to some Australian colleagues, I will never complain about that again. I'll just be disoriented, quietly, without a word of complaint. This isn't a complaint, just a touch of loopiness and exhaustion.) But there will be photos.

My last evening was in Copenhagen, and while there I saw hordes of young men and women literally whooping it up in the streets, yelling at passers-by from what looked like produce trucks, and climbing statuary in a public square. This public celebration is intimately connected to one of my research areas, and anyone who grew up in Europe will know instantly what I'm talking about, but I have to get my photos online before I can blog about it in detail.

Loads of things to catch up on at home (teaching, some writing that's overdue, union stuff, etc.), and I'll start that today in bits and pieces. I'm glad I took the college iPod and the portable iPod mic with me, so I could say a few things when class-related subjects came up from the trip: the tacit knowledge I lacked when one of my trains was canceled, my embarrassment in Europe at being essentially monolingual, the youth celebrations mentioned above, and a few other matters.

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