July 5, 2007

Free trade doesn't cover this one

The general principle with travel is to leave footprints and take pictures (and memories), so I didn't return with much physical stuff, other than two Anders F. Rönnblom albums, two postcards, one book on international historical perspectives on child labor, and a copy of the Daily Mail to show my children what tabloid papers are really about.

What I regret not discovering until the last morning, and what no free-trade policies will cover, is that there is a flavor of sugarless gum that exists only in Europe: salty licorice. It's wonderful. It also doesn't exist in the U.S. (though some may remember Black Jack quite-sugary licorice gum). Here is the polite and useless e-mail I received back from a Wrigley's representative:

Unfortunately, Extra Salty Licorice is not available in the U.S. Frequently we tailor specific products to local consumer demands and desires and therefore not all of our brands are available globally.

Currently, we do not sell any international brands directly to our U.S. consumers. The only suggestion we can offer is that perhaps you can make arrangements with your friends abroad to send you a box or two of Extra Gum.


I know: I haven't blogged in substance about the Supreme Court decisions last week. I'm still catching up on work...

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