July 7, 2007

Appearing in Chicago on education policy...

On August 3 and 4, I'm talking in the Hyatt McCormick Place Convention Center at YearlyKos, the convention sprout of partisan DailyKos, on the panels Education Uprising: Education for Democracy (Friday afternoon, 1-2:15) and Rethinking Educational Accountability (Saturday morning, 10:30-11:30). Both are substantially the logistical work of teacherken, a fellow Haverford College graduate, an active blogger at DailyKos, and a teacher in Virginia. He has wrangled the opportunity and has been herding a bunch of cats for the last seven months.

The first panel comes from an ambigious set of DKos diarists who set about to ... rethink education. I promised to (and did, with some effort) complete some initial diaries on the history of education as an initial perspective. Following entries are partially divergent in approaches to education reform, but they are sufficiently interesting and... humanistic ... to justify the panel. (See reference to teacherken's herding cats above.)

The second panel includes teacherken, me, and Doug Christensen, Nebraska's Commissioner of Education. Christensen battled with the U.S. Department of Education to allow Nebraska to use a set of locally-developed tests for NCLB purposes. It should be a very interesting conversation.

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