July 18, 2007

The discussion glow

I left the classroom for a few minutes this evening, after telling students to arrange themselves in small groups, making sure that each group had at least one member who had read each of the two books I had assigned the class (half to Gilberto Conchas's The Color of Success and half to David Tyack's Seeking Common Ground). When I returned, I found one circle, everyone in it. I raised an eyebrow, maybe asked a question, and sat on a table behind one part of the circle, listening to the group take turns describing the two books, raising questions, comparing the perspectives of the authors, making connections to some other readings in the course, and then making connections to their own school memories, the work some of them do in schools, and the experiences others have had as parents.

I said almost nothing for half an hour, until it was time for break. I didn't need to.

It was a wonderful affirmation of the term on the last class. Thanks, guys!

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