August 7, 2007

Florida no longer has the silliest school calendar

As the Dayton Daily News observes,  Believe it or not, school's back in... in Ohio. Thanks to a state law, Florida public schools cannot open earlier than two weeks before Labor Day, a move to forestall the nutty shoving of the school calendar further back into the Sweaty Season to eke out a few more weeks before Testing Season. There are some problems with this limit, but it's preferable to starting August 3 or 4.

Dayton schools are starting in the middle of a heat wave. At least in Florida one could say that it doesn't make a practical difference whether the two extra weeks of school are in early June or early August, because the schools will still have to pay for air conditioning. But in Ohio???

Update: I have to remember not to blog at 1:30 in the morning any more... had to fix two typos in the heading. Listen to this article
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