August 17, 2007

Research project on former methamphetamine users in college (women only)

I normally do not pass on requests for research participation, but this is a sensitive topic where participation will require more than the usual outreach, and because it addresses the conditions for former substance users in attending college, it certainly fits this blog. This announcement is for those who live in the central Florida area:

Jodi Nettleton is conducting a study on women who have, at one time, regularly used methamphetamine and who have stopped and later have attended college.  This is a study that will evaluate the reasons women start using, how they stopped, and what made them choose to attend college.

The research requires volunteers to participate in this study.  Involvement will only require a couple meetings, of about 2 hours each, to sit and talk. Interviewee names and any and all identifying characteristics will be held at the highest confidentiality, and this study is being conducted under the University of South Florida IRB protocol # 105806.  Publication of the findings will include a composite of many interviews and will not provide any names or clues which could provide participant identities.

Please contact Jodi Nettleton ( directly with any questions or interests in this study.

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