August 19, 2007

On working when sick

I'm a fairly healthy adult, on the whole, and lucky to be so. Apart from whatever genetic proclivities I inherited from my parents and the tendency to be too sedentary when work piles up, I'm not sick too often, have reasonable control over my faculties, and consider myself temporarily able-bodied, with some luck staying that way for a few more decades. So when I get the occasional cold, I consider it a temporary delay in whatever needs doing.

What I find frustrating this weekend is the drained feeling I've had a few times each day, exhaustion that has no accompanying congestion or fever. Part of the exhaustion is from headache, I know. I don't (yet) have the painful headache I had each of the prior two days, but I'm having to rest after each activity and pace myself carefully. So I shopped, and then I had to rest without having to concentrate on anything. (Sorry, my dear spouse, for not thinking coherently about the family calendar then!) I've finished one chunk of writing right now, but I need to pause before attacking the second (of three "chunks" I should finish today).

Once again, my spouse provides the right perspective: how can a union activist complain about needing down time? Got me there. So I'll sit here and rest a bit before starting the next chunk of work. You may even get another (blathering) bit of blogging.

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