August 24, 2007

A Full Life

The details for the last 24 hours:

5:20 a.m., alarm clock
5:30 a.m., get into shower
6:00 a.m., wrangle son into car to get to bus
6:10 a.m., bus picks son up
6:11 a.m., head to early-morning cafe to work on simulated case for undergraduate class I'm not teaching (something a group of us have worked on over the past few weeks)
7:15 a.m., send draft of case to key person who then distributes to the faculty group
7:17 a.m., receive phone call from spouse. Chat for a few minutes
7:19 a.m., start work on the general-education recertification of the course mentioned above. This includes finishing the answers to various questions such as How are we to trust that you're actually going to do what you say you are? (phrased more politely and specifically) as well as creating a revised syllabus.
Intermittently read a few e-mails and decide whether they're urgent, not urgent, or distractions when my concentration wanes on the other stuff.
12:40 p.m., finish the draft of the gen-ed recertification answers and revised syllabus and distribute to colleague group e-mail
12:44 p.m., ask cafe staff for an empty coffee cup, cup lid, and cup jacket.
12:45 p.m., leave cafe, head to health-food store for lunch supples
1:00 p.m., get home and eat lunch, read paper, call tech support line for something I received in the mail yesterday.
1:20 p.m., get back on computer, make final decisions on whom to invite to the Education Policy Analysis Archives' new-scholar board and send e-mail invitations and regrets to all applicants.
2:15 p.m., start drafting e-mails to the editorial board summarizing the process and identifying the new-scholar board invitees
2:30 p.m., swear vigorously, realizing I have to stop and pick up my daughter
2:50 p.m., arrive at daughter's school, having remembered to take the back way in to avoid major traffic, park in the faculty parking lot, and get to the front door before the flood of adolescents washes over the sidewalk.
3:06 p.m., my daughter exits the school, and we head to her violin teacher's house
3:34 p.m., a kind neighbor of the teacher tells me the code to get into the subdivision's gate
3:38 p.m., realize that without a map, relying on dead reckoning and a several-months'-old memory of where the teacher lived, we're at least a few blocks beyond the teacher's street; hand cell phone to daughter to call her teacher. Daughter leaves message
3:39 p.m., realize where the teacher's street is, after all
3:41 p.m., find the house
3:45 p.m., open laptop clamshell and realize that without wifi, I can't send out an e-mail. Switch to editing syllabus of masters' level course.
4:35 p.m., leave violin teacher's house.
5:05 p.m., arrive home. Leave laptop in car trunk hoping to find a cafe after the next event. Have dinner. Bring in mail and realize that the Santa Cruz Comic News is in it.
5:25 p.m., wife and son arrives. Son writes down list of classes and teachers.
5:35 p.m., leave house for son's middle school with list in hand and laptop in trunk of car.
6:05 p.m., get to middle school, start open house rounds.
8:20 p.m., finish open house rounds. Head directly home instead of to cafe for a few reasons. Receive phone call from fellow union activist about a fairly urgent matter.
8:40 p.m., get home. Start cleaning kitchen and some other household tasks.
9:40 p.m., spouse and daughter gets home from self-defense weapons class. Debrief spouse on middle-school open house.  Talk with daughter.
11:30 p.m., handle a few other e-mails. Finally open laptop again.
11:40 p.m., reboot computer, as it's having a rough day when I didn't pay enough attention to it.
12:25 a.m., finally finish e-mail to EPAA editorial board about new-scholar-board decisions.

Still undone:

  • Presentation for talk to grad-student workshop tomorrow on academic integrity
  • Completed syllabi for all courses
  • Find 5 more objects for the undergraduate course's first-week activity.
  • Do more work on Education Policy Analysis Archives, including both getting the next article into shape and also addressing some long-term needs.
  • Writing a piece for the union newsletter on intellectual property and online courses.
  • Lots of other things that I can't remember at the moment.

The day reboots in a little over 4-1/2 hours. Time to sleep, if you'll pardon me.

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