August 27, 2007

Bloggy bon mots

First, from Kevin Carey:

[W]e've reached the point where people are actually arguing, with a straight face, that the real crisis in American education is the shameful neglect--the injustice--of how we educate smart white men.

Next, from Miriam Burstein (aka The Little Professor):

  • Number of leftover bite-sized chocolate cupcakes from yesterday's department picnic consumed this afternoon: 2
  • Number of calories in those cupcakes, thanks to the Laws of Academic Calories: 0
  • Number of books involving cannibalism on the honors comp syllabus: 3

Update: Third, from profgrrrrl:

I miss primal scream -- only my time to scream is no longer the end of the semester. It's the beginning. So:


My accomplishments are far less witty. In the last few days I have dropped one child off at school, finished my syllabi, oriented one online masters class, taught an in-person undergraduate class, procrastinated planning Wednesday's advanced graduate class, picked the other child up from school, come home, helped clean up after a bearded dragon, and eaten chocolate. I am sure I have done other things, and these are all important, but right now I have no capacity for the angry elegance of Carey, Burstein's eye for irony, or profgrrrrl's refreshing honesty [updated].

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