August 28, 2007

Eight days to read 400+ pages

Time to call BS on George Miller and Buck McKeown: the release of an initial draft of NCLB's reauthorization was accompanied by a letter saying the public would have eight days to comment. I guess that they gave us a day beyond a week to accomodate the Labor Day holiday.

So much for wanting public input.

Update: Andy Rotherham (Eduwonk) points out that the 8-day window isn't a hardship for those inside the Beltway:

First, there has been a lot of opportunity for input so far --and interest groups working on this full time for months -- so this is not really the first cut, second a lot of the language isn't new anyway and it's 400 pages of legislative text, which is different than 400 pages of prose, and third, if people have to read a little over Labor Day that's OK, the staff working on this has worked weekends all summer, one weekend won't kill anyone,...

Okay, so those who have had advanced pre-draft drafts and are used to legislative language can skim through this to spot their favorite and hated items. But this still leaves out about 290,000,000 U.S. residents who haven't had those opportunities and don't have that background. My point stands: the 8-week window is a clear indication that this is an inside game.

(And, yes, I'll squeeze in some time to read it, but I'm not doing it on Rehoboth Beach or anywhere else that the Beltway set go for Labor Day Weekend.)

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