September 2, 2007

Work dross

There is something about spending six hours in a chain cafe on Sunday that is either gold or dross. In the last year, I have occasionally knocked out loads of work when leaving my family alone to relax (I hope!) while I work. Today has been humbling in terms of the lack of concrete accomplishments on my to-do list.

That isn't to say I haven't been working. I've helped an EPAA contributor submit a manuscript, answered student questions, collected reviewer comments for several manuscripts, reviewed those manuscripts to prepare disposition letters, and worked on my promotion portfolio. I suspect I've done a bunch of other things as well, but there's nothing I can really point to and say, "Ha! See what I've done!" [Competing metaphor about partially-weeded plots deleted here to avoid the barbs of my favorite Scathing Online Schoolmarm.]

Fortunately, I can put such days in perspective, especially when I've had a succession of them as I have in the last week. I may get nothing at the end of today but the lump of impurities that has slowly coagulated since 9 am, but I'll get something later.

For those in the U.S., please accept my wishes for a great Labor Day. I won't be blogging tomorrow, at least here.

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