September 10, 2007

NCLB reauthorization hearing

Since he's a former Hill staffer, I'd pay attention to  Alexander Russo's comments on today's House NCLB reauthorization hearing.

By having everyone speak, the committee pretty much ensures a certain amount of cacaphony. And by putting Kati Haycock -- one of the draft's most vocal critics -- off in the teacher quality corner, the committee sends a clear message that it doesn't like being called out.

I'm more confident of Russo's first conclusion than his second one: NEA and AFT's representatives are on the teaching/school leadership (not teacher quality) panel. While analyzing a witness list is akin to reading tea leaves a la old-style Kremlinology, maybe that's appropriate for a law whose numerical goals seem awfully Five-Year-Plannish.

Update: podcast available! (Thank my poor ergonomic awareness last week for this one...)

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