September 10, 2007

Stalemate talk or spin?

Another bit from Alexander Russo today, stemming from an NPR story:

[This is the] first word I've heard of that Spellings is saying she'd rather have the current NCLB than the Miller draft. Saber-rattling? Maybe. But for those who are most worried about multiple measures and all the rest, it's going to be a serious consideration.

I can't believe that Spellings would play that game, because she'll be gone within two years (sooner if she's really looking for a university leadership position). Stalemate will give more time for parents to decide that test-based statistical judgments are a poor idea. Stalemale = greater likelihood of defeat, for Spellings at least. Or stalemate shoves the responsibility for defending the current structure onto Achieve and Education Trust.

Or maybe this is Spellings' way to set up a spin when/if reauthorization doesn't happen this year, much akin to a song a friend of mine wrote: I Meant To Do That.

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