September 16, 2007

Of promotions and cranberry wine

I just finished the draft of my promotion-packet narratives. The whole thing is due at the end of the month, and apart from proofreading, there are other tasks to complete:

  • Collect information on journals and my books' publishers for my chair
  • Collect and confirm grant information
  • Check for consistency between tenure packet and cv
  • Create a checklist for documentation (Yes, faculty up for tenure or promotion need to provide documentation. Loads of it.)
  • Decide what documentation is hard-copy and what is electronic (I'm tempted to just put copies of my book and coedited volumes, together with a vitae, and put everything else in my Blackboard collection, both as a statement of what's important and also so people don't have to sit in their office to read my materials. But I suspect people generally want to read things in hard copy, so I need to guess what they'll want access to in paper.)

This is only the list for my promotion materials. You don't want to see my full, metastasizing to-do list.  Really you don't. And I think before trying anything else on that to-do list, I'll have a glass of the scandalously-consumer cranberry wine I bought last night.

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