September 20, 2007

Vi8gra for ur tests

In response to the growing arguments over the Miller-McKeon Title II proposal (i.e., encouragement of performance pay), Eduwonk (Andy Rotherham) writes

... until education becomes a field that is comfortable with the idea of performance, it's a field that is in some trouble.

This may say something about my spam filter, but that phrase brought up images of all the potential spam about "your test score size," "plez ur schl brd," etc. Of course, neither schools nor teachers would ever spend money on charlatans promising to increase test scores...

Oh, wait.  Yeah.

Well, at least I've got another few lines for an accountability stand-up routine, and all I had to do was have a mild emergency yesterday and be away from my computer all day.

More seriously, in practice these performance-pay plans are complicated and often undercut the claims of proponents that they will reward teachers who work hard in difficult circumstances. Or, as the Orlando Sentinel reported September 9 about the Orange County (Fla.) plan,

...teachers at predominantly white and affluent schools were twice as likely to get a bonus as teachers from schools that are predominantly black and poor.

Finally, I'll repeat this until I'm blue in the face: Everyone else in favor of performance pay on principle or faith, please show me up and read the literature on goal-setting. I don't want to be better read on this than you.

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