September 29, 2007

If I had a million hours

My life this week brings the Barenaked Ladies song to mind:

  • Watching nervously over the state budget situation and engaging in various tasks around that
  • Finishing and submitting my promotion portfolio
  • Assigning and circulating manuscripts for Education Policy Analysis Archives... and receiving a bunch of yes and no responses that require some individual attention (without time for that yet)
  • Teaching for three classes (two in-person, one on-line)
  • Meeting with students I'm advising
  • Preparing for a meeting that was canceled
  • Getting called by a St. Pete Times reporter about NAEP results (getting the last word in the article was a surprise; I think the lesson is that I'm more likely to get a soundbite quoted if I make the reporter laugh).
  • After reading an article about USF's outsourcing some security operations Wednesday, I was very alarmed but had my long teaching day, so didn't get a chance to respond until late Wednesday night... the column was printed Friday. (Of the two grammatical errors I spotted, one was my fault, while the other was introduced by the student editors. No, you don't hear from me which was which: I'm responsible for it all.)
  • On Thursday, driving my son to his martial-arts class, driving my daughter to a "college night" at her high school, driving myself to Orlando for the Florida Education Association delegate assembly, and possibly driving myself nuts.
  • Being at the delegate assembly yesterday and today, doing some work simultaneously, talking with a student on the drive home, and spending time with my family this afternoon and evening.

How's your week been?

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