October 9, 2007

Please tell me it's August or November

What is possibly worse than being sick in a temperate-climate February is being sick in early October when the temperatures are in the upper 80s outside and when you know part of the reason why you're not well yet is because you drove to another city 2 hours away three times in the last two weeks. D***it, I'm already behind on too many things. I don't have time to be sick.

My body begs to disagree, and my body has won the debate, at least for the last few days. Consequence: I haven't had the catchup to catch up. By Monday morning, I barely finished the prep-work for two of my courses, stuff I normally would have handled in about half the time. Regional campus visit today? Cancelled, so I can rest and get some work done at home.

I need to turn the clock back to August so I can get some work done or turn it forward to late November so I can look forward to the end of the semester. Right now, I don't particularly care which.

Update (10:40 pm): I think I'm fine as long as I'm drinking tea. I downed an entire pot of TAZO minty something in an hour while waiting for my daughter's orchestra rehearsal to end. I can plug away at things as long as I don't need a great attention span and can collapse a few times a day. Tomorrow is my long teaching day, until 8 pm.

A bit of reflection on this: I think I'm reasonably organized now, and my professional life is still tripped up by outside events such as a state budget crisis or a minor cold. I am not the professoriate, but my strong suspicion is that the days of being an absent-minded and successful professor are just about over. No matter what institution you're working for, no matter how out-of-touch one may be, you either have to work very hard or be very organized or (more likely) both to succeed in academe.

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