October 30, 2007

Diane Ravitch's disillusionment

From Diane Ravitch's latest entry in Bridging Differences:

Now that the president and the U.S. Department of Education have made it their business to show that federal legislation can and will raise test scores, every release of NAEP data is accompanied by a press statement from the U.S. Secretary of Education that magnifies slight gains as huge achievements. This is troublesome. It is troublesome because the federal government's role as the honest, impartial collector and distributor of information gets corrupted when it acts as a cheerleader. And it is troublesome because it is unrealistic to expect test scores to make major leaps in a few years. When they do, one should suspect chicanery of some kind.

Sharon Nichols and David Berliner make the same point about almost all high-stakes testing in Collateral Damage.

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