February 3, 2008

All-American dad... sort of

So here I sit, a few seconds from the end of the Super Bowl, rooting for the Giants to pull off a miracle, with beer in hand... but with no television... and the beer is gluten-free* ... and in a mug, not a stein or the bottle. I knew the Giants should have gone for it at fourth-and-one with 8 minutes left. But did they hear my advice?? No!

At least the mug has pictures of grape bunches on it. Properly bacchanalian, but I don't think my kids will believe it. My daughter is practicing violin and starts with a speedy folk tune.  I suppose that's appropriate somehow.

So this time, when forced to, the Giants went for it on 4th and won the first down. They're alive, still, but Eli Manning is not the quarterback I'd want in this situation. This is torture even for a relative nonfan like me. 3rd and 5 on the Giants' 44.

Tyree! First and 10 on the Patriots' 24.  Maybe this isn't quite so hopeless... but they always raise your hopes before dashing them. This is a great ending, no matter the result.

One-yard loss. Damn. Incomplete pass, and now it's third down. Several hundred million are now in sports agony.

First down on the Patriots' 13.  The next three plays determine the game.


The rest is denouement, and rather sad for Tom Brady, to get sacked at the end. I feel sorry for Patriots fans. They had a perfect season, or thought they did.

* - No, not because of my health. And I should've put the other variety in the fridge, since the bottle I drew is less well hopped than I'd like.

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