February 4, 2008

An even more twisted mind under the influence (of a rhinovirus)

Evidently, Michael Bérubé's state of mind can be very interesting, especially after a great Super Bowl.

For the record, I have never been under the influence of anything more serious than Benadryl, though when I was in high school my debate partner and I argued in favor of legalizing marijuana and decided that if we were ever asked in cross-examination if we had ever smoked pot, we'd say, "No, but we like broccoli after dinner," and figure out some way to light up a floret in the room. (This was in the days before no-smoking rules in public buildings.) We never did figure that out, unfortunately.

Oh, wait. One horrid evening in college, the infirmary solved my excruciating earache with acetaminophen-and-codeine. I think that beats Benadryl, though it doesn't beat the Lakers in the late spring of 1985.

Hmmn... either I'm heading out of town early tomorrow morning, or I have a cold. There is the definite possibility of both.

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