February 7, 2008

Notes on a college visit, day 1

Signs on a trip to a place 1000+ miles from home with teenaged offspring:

  • Teen offspring says she loves the weather
  • Wearing a long-sleeved turtleneck and a sweater (if an L.L. Bean sweater), teen offspring doesn't appear to be cold in the weather you need a parka for
  • Teen offspring repeatedly thanks you for the trip
  • Teen offspring explains why the city is much better than the city where you currently live
  • Teen offspring lauds the architecture of Huge University She Won't Consider, saying "I want the buildings, but not the university."
  • Teen offspring says at least a few times, "My friends will kill me when I get back" with a huge grin.
We arrived last night. This morning, we woke up, walked around downtown, took a bus to Huge University She Won't Consider so I could have lunch with a friend, and then tootled around a bit on our way to nearby small-town where we'll visit College of Potential Choice tomorrow.

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