February 10, 2008

Notes on a college visit (sort of), days 3-4

I'm lagging behind on the college visit notes, because we had to get up early for yesterday's flight, and I've been too tired today to write until now.

Friday, we did not tour a college but instead toured the area. I incurred the justifiable irritation of my daughter for not having planned where to go but just picking a direction. We found a (lost-)tourist information center and while I engaged the very friendly employee in a discussion of the area's history, my daughter planned a state-park visit using the center's maps. So we headed out again, found the state park, spent some time tramping around and getting a bit cold (or I did), and then drove back to the hotel where we collapsed. "Why am I tired from sitting in a car for a few hours?" she asked. Well, at least she didn't do the driving.

A few hours later, we walked around the center of the college's town with its very college-town-like boutique stores. She had dinner makings in the hotel room, but I didn't, so I bought a sandwich from a local bakery (very good bread), we window-shopped and laughed/cried at some of the fashions, and then crashed (after eating dinner). (No, I am not an abusive father: I asked her to eat out, and she declined.)

Yesterday, we spent far too much time in airplanes and hotels. Today I've been very inefficient at almost everything, so I volunteered to shop so I could at least be useful without too much of a brain. But...

The January 29 This Week in Science podcast has a shout-out to our zebra finches at the end of it. Thank you, Dr. Sanford! (Earlier in grad school, Kirsten Sanford worked in a lab researching the memory of zebra finches.) Yes, I'm a sucker for science podcasts. TWIS has the same AM morning-drive feel to it that the Fordham Foundation's The Gadfly podcast has. It doesn't work for me when it's a standard AM radio station, but for topical podcasts, I like it better.

I'll probably have the brains for a post mortem tomorrow, or the day after.

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