February 11, 2008

Huge conferences are inherently dysfunctional

This is not unique to the American Educational Research Association, but I was part of three sessions or papers submitted to AERA, one of which was accepted (par for the course), and I agreed to serve as chair of another, on condition that I not have to stay in the conference city (NYC) for the whole week.

Well, the schedule is up today, and my submitted (and accepted) paper is scheduled for Monday, while the session I agreed to chair is on Thursday. Aaarrrghghghgh! The program chair for that division is not responsible for the scheduling, and to some extent, when you have a cast of thousands, no one will be happy with scheduling, but this means I had to back out of the session I'm slated to chair.

The fact that we really do not have travel support this year (thank you, budget cuts) doesn't help. Nor does the fact that the conference city is New York.

So if you read this, know me, live in the New York area, haven't committed heinous crimes such as murder, pederasty, or wearing chartreuse, and want to put me up for Sunday and Monday night and get dinners out on me, please e-mail me. (Alternatively, if you're a nonsmoking male headed to AERA and are staying Sunday and Monday nights and want to share a room, send me an e-mail.)

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