February 19, 2008

Wake up and go to sleep with AERA

This says nothing about my personal life but instead about my often-fragmented day: I started work early this morning at the auto dealer's working on a paper I'm co-presenting at AERA with Stephen Provasnik, and I'm closing out my local coffeehouse by... working on the paper. I only wish I could have spent hours and hours of consecutive time on it. It's a fun analysis that no one else looking at teacher attrition (not Richard Ingersoll nor anyone else) appears to have thought of, and if you're free Monday, March 24, between 2:15 and 3:45, head to the Soho Room on the 7th floor of the New York Times Marriot Marquis Times Square (Soho Complex), and you'll learn some very interesting stuff about entrances into and exits from teaching. The key finding is...

Ah, heck, that would be giving away the show. Come, listen, and learn. We'll even pass around some very cool tables and figures.

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