February 27, 2008

Sometimes selfish evenings...

Sometimes selfish evenings,
when you serve your own needs.
When you serve your own needs and find some energy...

Yes, that scans to "Some Enchanted Evening." One of the risks of both blogging and being overly committed to various tasks is that those who would like you to address their current requests (many of which are overdue) see you blogging and... well, I can imagine it from their perspective. Why am I spending time blogging and ignoring what I need to do?

On Monday, I wrote what is probably an unprecedented six entries in a single day, or at least it's probably unprecedented for me. I'm not Matthew Yglesias; I don't get paid for blogging. What happened behind the scenes Tuesday was that I had a bunch of small tasks, one meeting, and deadlines, plus evening chaffeur duty. I'm not sure why the morning entries have time stamps that are about an hour off, but I got to the office a bit before 7:30 a.m., worked on various tasks with breaks for short blog entries until I headed to a 9:30 meeting, did some more work in the afternoon, took my daughter to an evening event, took shelter in a local bookstore while a line of storms moved through the area, drove my daughter back home, and then headed to a cafe to get some more work done and wrote a few more entries. Not a bad day's work.

Today was all meetings, and a few longish phone conversations, plus more chaffeuring. I am therefore desperately in need of some time just for myself. I'm going to do some fun work, write another blog entry, and then head to bed. I know there are people who would like some things from me yesterday, but you really want me to recharge and get to it tomorrow. Trust me.

(No, this entry was not prompted by any specific complaint.)

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