March 23, 2008

In Mid-town Manhattan

I'm at the corner of Broadway and 54th right now, with relatively minimal fuss except that in the rush to pack last night, I grabbed my daughter's jacket instead of mine, and I installed a package to my Linux laptop without pinning, so a whole bunch of things disappeared and I had to wipe the entire system clean. As you can see, that didn't turn out to be horribly onerous, and I even figured out how to get a new Firefox add-on to meet and greet my blog back-end.

I'll only be here for two days or so of AERA, but this is going to beat last year, when I was at AERA for only one day, and it turned out to be The Day of Sideways Sleet (aka The Day of Frozen Humiliation and Pain). But it's sunny right now, and well into the 40s, so I'm happy on that end.

Oh, yes, and a colleague and I have a paper to present tomorrow. And colleague to meet.

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