April 17, 2008

$100 million... how will it be used?

Looking at today's New York Times story on AT&T Aspire, the $100 million effort to reduce dropping out. In reality, $100 million is a visible splash and not chump change, but it's a small amount compared to all the money spent on high schools every year. Bill and Melinda Gates's entire fortune is only a few billion dollars more than what California taxpayers spend every year on education.

There's very little information about this on the AT&T Foundation website,
other than working with Colin and Alma Powell's organization America's Promise
to create local partnerships through "dropout summits." At that level,
it looks remarkably like the early 1960s efforts I chronicled in Creating the Dropout. It doesn't have to be as ineffective as those efforts, and I hope this time around, it works out better.

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