April 20, 2008

The Indiana Jones response to philosophy-of-research blogging

Kevin Carey has his say on a preponderance-of-evidence standard on policy propositions (in response to an Eduwonkette discussion of growth measures). Skoolboy responds. I wouldn't go all ad-lib-for-convenience on you all if it weren't 11:20 at night, but I'm tired, and since this is a meta-discussion about judging teachers based on test scores, I'll just say this: It already happens (firing educators based on test scores), it's called reconstitution, and the evidence of its success is mediocre at best. We don't need to go all meta- when there's experience at hand... or specific proposals such as New York City's (which Skoolboy points out fails the sniff test of basic algebra).

If anyone were tempted to go meta-, I'd point out that there is no such thing as a monolithic social scientist's frame for policy. Then again, I'm not only an alleged social scientist, I'm a card-carrying member of the Social Science History Association and have a degree in one of those odd number-crunching realms (demography).

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