May 13, 2008

Now I'm in trouble as a blogger...

The first time someone else treated me as if I were not only an expert but the expert on any topic, I wanted to look around the room to find some ballast. I think I do good work, but gravitas is a bit too solemn for me. Now Alexander Russo is calling me one of the "grownups" in education blogging. That's okay. As my parents taught me well, I can't really be hurt when someone calls me names.

The Ed in '08 Blogging Summit is Thursday, and I won't be going, because... well, I have a few prior commitments. If you're headed to DC for the event, say hello to Ken Bernstein, Russo, and everyone else there, and tell them that I am much wittier in person. After what Russo said about me today, I need an alibi.

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