May 19, 2008

Small irritations when reading blogs

Not aimed at any specific blog, and if you think this is about you, you're probably wrong, but if the following discourages you from any of these practices, ...
  • If you invite comments, why are you asking people to register using a system that doesn't work?
  • "This" is obscure text for a link, makes it difficult for readers to decide whether to follow the link, and in general is not reader-friendly. Same with "that."
  • Your snark isn't nearly as funny as you obviously think it is, and it's going to be less funny tomorrow.
  • Scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll. Scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll. Scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll. Even my (Neolithic version 0.01) blog puts the content first on a page to be mobile-reader-friendly, not behind N kilobytes of navigation/fluff. Several news-outlet blogs fail that simple test. (Tell your webmaster to use CSS properly, so the left-strip navigation can appear after the content in the HTML but on the left side when rendered for desktops.)
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