May 21, 2008

Qualitative data on schools

Yesterday's story in the Washington Post (hat tip) on in-person reviews of schools by external committees is one step in the right direction for accountability: using in-person eyeballs instead of just statistical eyeballs to see what should be done. Rhee sent teams of people into schools she wanted to change. There are some questions I still have after reading the article: why only one- and two-day visits? what did the DC teachers union think of the reviews? what did other stakeholders think? But even if there were flaws with this process, having students, parents, and educators visit schools to provide a snapshot is dramatically different from just looking at test scores and prescribing a cookie-cutter "fix."

(Note: Ken DeRosa pointed out the false dichotomy I had when rushing this entry through yesterday, and I trust this is now more "just.")

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