May 22, 2008

Baggy-pants bingo

Instead of ideas such as the bill proposed by Florida Senator Gary Siplin, who suggested making droopy pants illegal, I have a much simpler idea: peer pressure.

Blue1st PeriodGrayWhite2nd Period
3rd PeriodPolka DotsNike4th PeriodCartoon
"Mom"Girlfriend's nameLunchToyStripes
5th PeriodSports
Pink!Any URL
6th PeriodWarning7th PeriodOffice

For those who need to justify this with jargon, try "I am using negative-reinforcement shaping with advanced face-to-face social networking combined with vicarious spasmodic recognition signals and aural-mode synaptic connections." That is, maybe listening to the laughter following a "bingo!" call will... er... drop the incidence rate a bit.

Figuring out which box is for underwear color (or decoration), which for the time of incident, and which is for the consequence is up to the reader.

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