May 29, 2008

Joel Packer's blog

As Alex Russo noted, NEA's lobbyist/wonk Joel Packer now has a blog... or, rather, transcripts of a podcast series (which doesn't yet have its own feed, from what I can tell). Since the NEA's group blog on NCLB has been on hiatus since February, I'm glad to see that Packer's becoming active here. On the other hand, there's something a bit disconcerting when the title of the blog is "Joel Packer Has All the Answers." If he really knew all the answers, he'd be able to tell us if string theory is all a bunch of nonfalsifiable hooey, and if we should instead put stock in the conservation of curvature. For another thing, I bet he'd have to look up the final score of Nolan Ryan's fourth no-hitter (June 1, 1975). (I cheated; I was at the game.)
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