June 1, 2008

Health care and education

On May 19th, Congressional Budget Office Director Peter Orszag was on the Diane Rehm show. Several times that hour, Orszag talked about health care costs, and I had a few thoughts while listening:
  • This guy is smart. I don't know if my oldest brother agrees with him about health care policy, but there's a frood who really knows where his towel is.
  • So much for the reigning myth in education policy debates that health care decisions are based solidly on evidence.
  • He's probably right that "the deficit will bankrupt your grandchildren" is not a winning argument, politically.
  • The tradeoff between health-care costs and social investments (in either infrastructure or education) are an interesting way to frame policy discussions. As with the point above, it probably is not a winning argument politically, but it's definitely a "hmmmnnnn" point.

Oh, yes, and Orszag has a blog at CBO.

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